Shift Quantum - Official Soundtrack

Shift Quantum - Official Soundtrack

Red Panda Interactive Limited


Shift Quantum - Official Soundtrack

    Shift Quantum - Cyber-noire Edition

      Shift Quantum

        Shift your world with the astounding cyber-noir soundtrack to Shift Quantum created by Volkor X and Simon Felix.

        Track List:
        1. Menu Theme - Simon Felix (2:41)
        2. Into the Shift - Simon Felix (3:33)
        3. Nexus - Volkor X (4:14)
        4. True Happiness - Simon Felix (4:07)
        5. Memory Leak - Volkor X (4:41)
        6. The Simulation - Simon Felix (4:56)
        7. Debug Mode - Volkor X (4:29)
        8. The Girl in Yellow - Simon Felix (3:54)
        9. Loss - Volkor X (5:41)
        10. Syntax Error - Simon Felix (3:22)
        11. Kernel - Volkor X (4:45)
        12. Axon Vertigo - Simon Felix (2:38)
        13. Inner Voyage - Volkor X (2:20)

        Total running time: 51:21

        This product supports the following languages: English

        1 player
        HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p

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        Based on original Shift IP game series from Armor Games Inc.

        Red Panda Interactive Limited
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