MWM Interactive
  • 1 player
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration
Strong Violence, Use of Alcohol/Tobacco
  • 1 player
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration

After learning of his grandfathers mysterious death in a fire, the protagonist travels to Mundaun for the first time since childhood. He will soon discover that something old and diabolical is haunting the remaining inhabitants. The quest to find out the meaning behind these sinister events takes the player on an odyssey up Mundaun mountain: From steep meadows across stony fields and to the snow-covered peak.
Mundaun is a lovingly hand-pencilled horror tale set in a dark, secluded valley of the alps. Explore various areas full of secrets to discover, survive hostile encounters, drive vehicles, fill your inventory and solve a variety of hand-crafted puzzles.
Immerse yourself in a unique setting: An alpine world where reality and myth intertwine.
Experience a unique greyscale aesthetic thanks to hand-pencilled textures.
Explore varied and open levels from green meadows to snowy peaks. Beware of the creatures roaming the landscape.
Inventory system to keep you focused on collecting, find out the story secrets.
Fear resistance factor – A “cause and effect” for the player within the game eg: the stronger the fear the more slowly you move.
Solve Puzzles that are integrated into the game world as you make your way up the mountain.
Interact with its eccentric inhabitants who even have their own obscure spoken language.
Control vehicles such as sleighs and hay loaders.
Find out the dark secret behind grandfather's death.

MWM Interactive
Adventure, Horror
Screen Languages:
English, French (France), German, Russian, Spanish
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