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  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Romance

Band of Angels

Warner Bros.


Academy Award winners Clark Gable and Sidney Poitier star with Yvonne DeCarlo in this story of an aristocratic young woman who falls from theheights of Southern society to the absolute bottom--and of the forbiddenlove that redeems her in A Band of Angels.New Orleans, 1860s. Southern Belle Amantha Starr is away atan exclusive girls' school when her father dies unexpectedly. She learnsshe is now penniless: Her father had lost everything--their money, theirplantation and their slaves. Worse, the truth comes out that her motherwas part African American--and under the law of Louisiana, Amantha mustbe sold into slavery. She is purchased by plantation owner Hamish Bond, who soon falls in love with his beautiful new slave--earningAmantha the resentment of overseer Rau Ru . When the UnitedStates' Civil War breaks out, Bond loses his plantation and reveals tothe newly freed Amantha that he yearned his fortune as a slave trader.

This product can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices, and streamed to all other compatible devices.