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  • Romance
  • Comedy

The Tender Trap

Warner Bros.
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Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds star as a pair of romantic opposites who prove that love is The Tender Trap. Fun-loving, free-spirited Manhattan talent agent and playboy Charlie Reader (Academy Award winner Sinatra--From Here to Eternity) loves women. He loves them all, and can't see himself ever being tied to a single female. That is, until he meets Julie Gillis (Reynolds--The Unsinkable Molly Brown) at an audition. Reader underestimates Gillis' single-minded determination to land a husband and never realizes until too late that he is her target. Now, just as Reader is about to move on to his next feminine conquest, Gillis does the unthinkable: She insists he stop seeing other women if he wants to marry her--her opening gambit in what becomes an irresistible romantic lure.

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