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Monster Energy Big Wave Tow-In Invitational

The Orchard
2 Ratings
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Tow-In surfing: once the cutting edge of big wave riding, has since been set aside while paddle-in riding has taken the reigns at the center of the big-wave riding world. In this experimental expression session hosted by Monster Energy, five of the world's most prolific big wave riders dust off their tow boards to draw massive lines, huge turns, and unfathomable airs in 30-foot Hawaiian surf, to prove that there is still progression to be seen at the forefront of big wave surfing. Featuring Makua Rothman, Kai Lenny, Shane Dorian, Nathan Florence, and Billy Kemper at the mecca of the surfing world, the North Shore of Oahu, this gripping documentary answers one of surfing's biggest "what ifs" in its long history of progression, fueled by the high-impact energy of this legendary surfing crew.

This product can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices, and streamed to all other compatible devices.