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Gravitas Ventures
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Molly is not exactly a "regular" mom. And that’s not just because she's a mortician. She hasn’t left the house since her husband Peter died in a freak accident three years ago on her birthday. Now on Molly’s fortieth birthday, her daughter Sam and mother Ivy present her with tickets to Moscow hoping the trip just might finally get her out of the house. But the trip comes with a catch - a gag gift life-sized doll. The doll soon goes from funny to fantastical - coming to life as her husband Peter and confounding Molly’s attempts to go outside, her ties with her family, and a budding relationship with a documentary filmmaker named Joe. As Joe and Molly’s relationship deepens so does her emotional tie and need for Peter. Peter slowly ensures that Molly finds out that Sam’s stealing from their deceased clients which endangers the family business and creates a break up with Joe. It all ends in a knock down drag out battle as Molly fights with Peter to be there for her daughter.

Download available on Android and iOS devices; all other devices are limited to content streaming.