Real Truck Driver Simulator USA : Car Games (English)

Midnight Works SRL
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Average rating 1.5 stars out of 5 stars from 563 ratings
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Drive a real truck in Real Truck Driver Simulator USA : Car Games! Become an American truck driver, and show your driving skills. Choose cargo and drive it to transport it to city warehouses. Upgrade your truck for better driving and to earn more money. Fix and refuel an American truck at service stations and fuel stations. Avoid driving cargo above the speed limit, and follow driving rules for the transport. Spend money wisely and enjoy the day and night driving experience.
Features of "Real Truck Driver Simulator USA : Car Games":
- Transport missions
- Different cargo
- Real USA trucks
- A game economy simulator
- Day and night transport driving experience
- Truck service stations
- Fuel service stations
- Gas stations along the road
Real Truck Driver Simulator USA : Car Games is for real truck drivers. THE USA IN YOUR POCKET. Explore a huge open world across North America. Start your career on the East Coast and unlock more states and cities as you progress. Discover narrow country roads, large highway intersections, as well as farmland and desert regions, all created with attention to detail.
Good transport controls help you be a driver in the simulator. Continue cargo driving even at night. Choose missions for your big USA truck. Spend your evening on the road, driver! Be an accurate American cargo truck driver. Keep your transport in good condition to execute more missions. Feel what the American road is like in Truck Simulator USA. Upgrade your transport, prepare it for the road. The simulator presents a challenge for you.

Midnight Works SRL
Strategy, Driving/Racing, Simulation
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