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  • Tethered (Original Soundtrack)
  • English
File Size
150.27 MB

Tethered (Original Soundtrack) (English)

Secret Sorcery Limited
1 Ratings


Experience the magical soundtrack to Secret Sorcery’s divine VR strategy game debut – Tethered – written, performed and produced by 5x Academy nominated composer and sound designer, Kenny Young.

Immerse yourself in over 53 minutes of beautiful ambient score and rising epic melodies, featuring lush string quartet backed up by warm analogue synths, orchestra, and a host of solo instrumentation including fiddle, cello, concertina, psaltery, clarinet, gourde banjo and the Swedish nyckelharpa!

As a special bonus, this download also includes the track ‘Breathe’, Kenny Young’s original pitch concept for Tethered’s music.

You can export all 18 tracks as high-bitrate (320kbps), stereo MP3s via a compatible USB device.

Total running time: 53 minutes, 47 seconds.

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