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  • Role-Playing Games (RPG)
File Size
5.98 GB

THE LEGEND OF HEROES: SEN NO KISEKI II KAI -The Erebonian Civil War- (Chinese Ver.)

Nihon Falcom Corporation
Full Game Released 2018.08.17
398 Ratings


Coming back on PlayStation®4, the outbreak of the civil war! The 2nd chapter of destiny.
The Nobel Alliance has raised up dominating the capital and intruded several locations including the Military Academy by taking advantage of the assassination of the "Blood and Iron Chancellor."
As a result a civil war finally broke out against the regular forces. On the other hand Rean who backed down from the front line due to the defeat against the "Azure Knight" has awakened at the mountain.

■High definition graphics and high sound quality!
60 frames per second and high definition graphics 4K (PS4™Pro) supported. In-game background music also enhanced.
■High Speed Skip Mode included!
Enjoy an easier gameplay by doubling the speed for the events & field exploration, and play at quadruple speed for the battles scenes.
■Compatible with the Save Data from the PlayStation®3 version and the PlayStation®Vita version!
Continue from where you left off in "SEN NO KISEKI II KAI" by loading the Save Data with the cross-save function.
■Compatible with Save Data from "SEN NO KISEKI II"!
Clear bonuses can be unlocked by loading the Save Data from the PS3™ or the PS Vita version of "SEN NO KISEKI II"! Bonuses include in-game costumes, MAX Bonding Points, and 300, 000 Mira etc.

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