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KINGDOM OF BLADES (English/Chinese Ver.)

DeerVR Games
PS VR Game
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※PlayStation®Move motion controller is required to play this content.
Play as a front-line warrior in the Three Kingdoms Period of China. With nothing to depend on but your swords and your courage, you must slash your way through hordes of enemies and face off against the most famous generals on your path to fame and glory. Experience the best in VR swordplay and live out the events of the Three Kingdoms.

Engaging Campaign Play through the chapters of the campaign and be greeted by familiar historical settings with witty dialogue. All mixed together with cartoons to bring you a VR drama piece you’ve never seen before.

Expansive Weapon System Choose from a selection of iconic weapons found throughout history. There’s a blade for every occasion, which paired with a plethora of Armor Enhancements shall make you an unstoppable warrior!

Cinematic Selfies Just beat the crap out of LvBu? Got your ass kicked by ZhangJiao? Once a level is complete simply turn around, strike a pose, put on your best picture face and slice the camera to take the most epic selfie of all time!

Ultimate POWER! Wield the powers of heaven and strike down your opponents with godly lightning or summon archers to back you up when things get tense. Annihilation is at your fingertips.

Beat the high scores in leaderboards Challenge in endless mode, felt a surge of pure adrenaline in an infinite enemy wave, see how long you can get, grab your spear and wave your sword, it is time to testify your true quality of a hero. A wild goose leaves behind a voice; a man leaves behind a reputation.

Egg-full of Surprises Elite magic weapon,Snake Spear and Green Dragon Blade only can be found in the egg, There are more masks and armor components awaiting you! GOOD LUCK!

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