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  • Shooter


Beijing Perfect World Software Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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2037 AD: The world economy is in a recession, political turmoil is rife. Possessing core technologies in various essential fields, DET-i has become the world's largest and foremost security company.
DET-I established a research base named Prism City and signed contracts with multiple countries and major organizations, offering training and battle simulation services to them.
To optimize the data gained from battle simulations, these countries and organizations allowed DET-I to recruit participants from all over the world by any means necessary.
As one of the participants, you must try your best to survive these ruthless games and discover the secrets of DET-I.
In beta version, you will experience the fast-paced battle royale of 8 people in the Mini Fight mode. To be or not to be, you will not have time to think about this.

Because this is a trial version, we do not guarantee all functionality in this trial version.

Beijing Perfect World Software Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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