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  • Adventure
PS VR & PS Camera Required
PS Move Required

Déraciné Pre-Order (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

Worldwide Studios
PS VR Game Released 2018.11.06
3 Ratings


Pre-order and receive these bonuses on launch day:
- Déraciné Avatar Set
- Déraciné Dynamic Theme - Classroom (For PS4™) *This bonus will be offered as early purchase bonus.

※Pre-Order for this title cannot be cancelled once the transaction is completed. Please ensure to read description before confirming your purchase.
※Content will be pre-loaded onto the PS4™ up to two days in advance of the release date. The content will not be playable until 11/6/2018, 00:00 HKT/TST/SGT.
※To automatically download pre-ordered content: Go to [Settings] > [System] > [Automatic Downloads and Uploads] and make sure the option to automatically download is enabled.
※Pre-loading does not grant early access to the game; it simply loads it up to two days prior to its release so you're able to play on its release date.
※You need to leave your PS4™ turned on or in rest mode to allow automatic download.
※This title has not been rated in Singapore and is currently pending rating. Users aged under 18 in Singapore shall not be allowed to place a pre-order.

Early Purchase Bonus(Pre-order period to 21st Novmeber)
・Déraciné Dynamic Theme - Classroom (For PS4™)

※2 PlayStation®Move motion controllers is required to play this content

※PlayStation®Move motion controller is required to play this content.
If a faerie cannot be seen, can it still exist?

Set in an old secluded boarding school where six boys and girls, and their aging headmaster, question the truth of an old tale - of faeries that live in the place where time stands still, and have the power to shorten and extend life.

Déraciné is a classic adventure game brought to life by the latest VR technology, a virtual adventure that helps us recall the joy of discovery. Created by SIE JAPAN Studio and FROMSOFTWARE, the partnership that brought us Bloodborne.

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