Risk System (English, Japanese)

Eastasiasoft Limited
Implied Violence, Mild Violence


Risk System (English, Japanese)

    Premium Edition

    • Risk System Game
    • Risk System Theme

    Feel like a daredevil pilot in a classic mecha anime and blast off against swarms of enemies in side-scrolling shoot’em up action. Fly as close as possible to enemy fire to absorb energy, barrel roll to quickly cover vertical space and modify your attacks, unleash devastating Barrier Breaker specials and use Risk Shots to string together combos for higher scores!

    Risk System also features multiple endings and character interactions based on player performance, mirroring the experience of the protagonist gaining mastery of their ship and using the systems of gameplay to drive the narrative.


    • Blast off for intense risk-vs-reward shoot’em up action!
    • Experience a story with multiple endings based on player choice and performance.
    • Fly close to enemies and projectiles to absorb energy and unleash Risk Shots!
    • Charge up powerful Barrier Breaker attacks.
    • String combos together to increase your score multiplier.
    • Enjoy anime aesthetics and a pumping soundtrack!

    Eastasiasoft Limited
    Screen Languages:
    English, Japanese
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