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  • Adventure
File Size
852.95 MB

Figment Theme Bundle (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Sony Music Entertainment Japan
PSN Game Released 2019.05.24


※The items offered in this pack can be purchased as a single item.

This bundle includes Figment and the Figment Theme.

A heart, haunted by fear from a certain incident.
That heart itself is the quirky and surreal world of Figment.

Join grumpy Dusty and his ever-optimistic friend, Piper, on an adventure to beat back the nightmares and restore the courage that has been lost.

♦A Whimsical Hand-Drawn World♦
Marvel at the surreal art and colorful illustrations. A traditional hand-painted brushstroke style breathes life into the charming characters.
Take in the unique art styles as you move through each area.

♦Enjoy a Full Score of Musical Performances♦
Explore a rhythmic environment full of trumpet trees, piano houses, and even singing enemies.

♦Fight Nightmares Head-On♦
Join forces with Dusty and Piper to overcome the fears that plague us all.

♦A Test of both Brain and Brawn♦
Solve puzzles and dispatch enemies with your sword.
Your brain and brawn will be tested in boss battles filled to the brim with epic music.

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Published by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

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