Prison Architect - Island Bound (English/Chinese/Japanese Ver.)

Paradox Interactive
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Average rating 4.04 stars out of 5 stars from 217 ratings
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Welcome to The Rock, Wardens!

Prison Architect: Island Bound introduces more ways to build and manage your prison.

Sea and Air: Use a variety of ferry and helicopter transports to deliver supplies and inmates directly to docking areas around your compound. However, there are also more access points to sneak contraband into the prison.

Chain Link Up: Maximize your prison’s efficiency by linking docks, helipads, and roads to specific deliveries. Toggle what services are available to each delivery point within your compound.

Supermax Security: New security objects make it easier to search deliveries and prisoners. Additional emergency services can also be called when things get out of hand.

Island Life: Customize your island with over 15 nautical tiles and objects. Shape the land around your compound with moats, rivers, and lakes for security, or for style -- no access roads needed!

The Rock: Manage the infamous Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island with two premade maps.

Paradox Interactive
Action, Adventure, Strategy
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