Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures

Frozen Pixel d.o.o.
3/2/2023 08:00 PM UTC

Start the best Enigmatic Adventure of your life! Solve brain-teasing puzzles, explore different worlds with smooth platforming, and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mysterious world of Joe Wander.

-Have fun with the amazing whip-based mechanics
-Jump through various platforming challenges
-Solve brain-teasing puzzles
-Conquer difficult challenges for great rewards
-Explore 4 different worlds
-Collect hidden treasures
-Enjoy the beautiful ambiance
-Push your limits with extremely challenging bonus levels
-Beat the game to unlock 3 new ways of playing
-Hard mode - All levels have no more checkpoints
-Hardcore - You get a single life per save file
-Time Trial - Test your speedrunning skills

Frozen Pixel d.o.o.