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Ape Quest™ [PSP]

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
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Before downloading this full version of Ape Quest™, you must have already installed the Ape Quest™ Starter Pack.

You are a prince among apes, so when your father says that you are too spoiled to rule his realm, it’s time to shape up and become the ape you were always meant to be.

Unfortunately, a band of evil entities known as the Apetron are about to get in the way. Newly arrived in your kingdom, the Apetron are intent on destruction – but you just can’t let that happen… With help from the magical, wish-granting Spectral Bank, set out to destroy the Apetron once and for all!

The enchanting Ape Quest™ story is told in three different chapters – Gold, Blue and Red – with each stage featuring unique mini-games, items and weapons.

NOTE: this information was correct at the time of publication.

1 Player
128KB minimum save size

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