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  • PS4 Version
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Strong Violence
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS4 Version
    PS4 Pro enhanced
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration


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Get ready to feel the real terror in first person! Decades after the events that generated THE ORIGIN, a corrupt politician on the run from justice takes refuge in an inhospitable region plagued by terrible legends. His assistant disappears with the car keys he needs to get out of that place. During the search for him, he will be confronted with space and time, being forced to return to the past and find the Origin of the Blind Maiden as he seeks redemption from him.


• 1st Person Shooter: Use your weapons only when it is essential, ammunition is very scarce. Fight only when you have no choice and flee when you can, only then can you resist until the end.
• Skill upgrade: There are special infusions that you can get from a thousand-year-old ticket vendor, giving you access to different upgrades, such as running longer without getting tired, shooting without aiming, running and shooting, or carrying more items.
• Crafting: Mix herbs and items following the instructions of an old alchemist to create temporary abilities and black magic to combat enemies.
• Enemies: The chaos produced by The Origin has created cursed beings. Some with an arboreal appearance, others accidentally created by the Alchemist and others the product of evil, called Chimeras in ancient texts.
• Varied and distorted environments: Sometimes you will have to deal with the sudden changes in environment that The Origin is capable of creating to distort your mind. Be careful when turning each corner.
• Multiple Endings and New Game +: You will have the opportunity to redeem or condemn your character with which you can unlock the different endings. Continue playing in search of the different endings recovering the acquired skills.
• EVP: Use the main character's headset (almost deaf in one ear) to listen to voices and sounds from beyond and use them to your advantage.
• Puzzles: Solving puzzles will be an important part of the action and a real challenge, some of them will be really complex, although intuitive.

Horror, Action, Adult
Screen Languages:
English, Spanish
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