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Zen Pinball 2 - Portal ® Pinball (Trial)

221 Ratings


Zen Studios, in collaboration with Aperture Laboratories and Valve, is proud to present the “Aperture Science Heuristic Portal ® Pinball Device”, proving that persistent experimentation is not only the hallmark of good science for the benefit of mankind, but also incalculably fun!

Table features:
- Guide Chell and Wheatley through test chambers by navigating portals, using aerial faith plates, defeating turrets and facing other obstacles.
- Battle against GLaDOS as you attempt to escape the facility and reach the surface.
- Team up with ATLAS and P-Body for their Cooperative Testing Initiative Multiball.
- Discover Ratman's hidden mini playfield and wreak havok on the Turret Factory.

1-4 player(s)
Network Players 2-4
Network Features
512KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad
Dual Analog Sticks

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