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Starlink: Battle for Atlas - Vigilance Starship Pack (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Ubisoft Entertainment
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※This item is also offered in a pack.

Enhance your adventure and achieve victory with the Vigilance Starship Pack.

The Vigilance Starship Pack includes the digital version of :
- 1 Vigilance Starship
- 1 Galla Pilot
- 1 Jaunt Weapon

Vigilance Starship - Part of a proud Prospector tradition of crafting makeshift skimmers for friendly races, Vigilance was the result of Galla's effort to create the ultimate in homeland defense.

Galla Joust Pilot - The leader of grassroots Prospector militia, Galla is brave and selfless, seeing it as her duty to drive the Legion out of her home and to inspire others to do the same. Her courage and chivalry is modeled on her heroes, the Lancers of Prospector legend.

Jaunt Weapon - The unique antigrav exhaust system of Jaunt adds to its propulsive power, helping to thrust the user forward while projecting a Stasis field around them. Nothing else can scatter a crowd of targets with the same explosive strength.

In order to play with this additional content, it is necessary to first purchase game disc or full game from PlayStation™Store that is sold separately and update your game with the most recent online update.
This program or data to be applied to existing program is only compatible with Asia version (official product) which is distributed by SIE or other official distributors. Compatibility with program or data from other region is not guaranteed.

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