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Sengokuhime 2nd full game (Japanese Ver.)

SystemSoft Alpha
Game Released 26.04.2012
5 Ratings



More than 60 forces vie for mastery over the warring states!! Players control a warring states warlord as they seek to unite the nation. Not only must players do battle against a formidable CPU opponent capable of a variety of tactics, they must be skilled at domestic politics and governance as well, such as managing resources and manpower, forming alliances and withdrawing from untenable areas.
Sengokuhime 2nd features more than 110 warlord characters. All new scenes have been created, and with the addition of the Ryuzoji clan, players can now choose between eight different playable feudal lords.
Not only can players enjoy Rivalry Mode, which features a total of 60 feudal lords, a variety of new features, such as a warlord development system and warlord skills, have been added to enhance their fun! What is more, a variety of new elements, like an income and expenditures display and detailed status display for warlords, have been added to make gameplay easier and more intuitive.

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