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Sangokuhime full game (Japanese Ver.)

SystemSoft Alpha
Game Released 26.04.2012
176 Ratings



A multitude of heroes tear through the thirteen states of Three Kingdoms period China! Meanwhile, domestic affairs, like conscription and commerce, haven't been forgotten! Eight different classes of soldier unit clash in epic, white-knuckled battle scenes! Win the war and establish yourself supreme over all!
From ferocious battle scenes to scenes of heart-warming tenderness with a beautiful young female warlord, everything is here. Gorgeous, eye-popping visuals are everywhere, including sexy cut-ins that appear when you win in one-on-one combat!!
Every event is fully voiced!
The first installment in the series! Introducing a new system closely tied with SLG and ADV!! Take part in famous historical events from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, such as the Battle of Guandu and the Battle of Changban!!
The game offers infinite variety thanks to a multitude of elements, such as "Rivalry Mode" and "Warlord Development Essentials"! Each of the game's heroines has their own, unique ending, so choose your favorite and help her unify the country!!

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