(Beach Time) Triple Pack (Male) (English/Japanese Ver.)

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* This content requires the full version, which is sold separately. If the latest patch is required, please update it before use.

* There is also a set product that includes this content. Please be careful not to make duplicate purchases.

Time for fun in the sun!
A pack with beach costumes for Alphen, Law, and Dohalim.

Content includes:
• Alphen
- [Costume] Heroic Surf Shorts A
- [Costume] Heroic Surf Shorts B
- [Costume] Heroic Surf Shorts C
- [Hairstyle] Beach Hair
- [Title] Beach Hero

• Law
- [Costume] Rapscallion Wetsuit A
- [Costume] Rapscallion Wetsuit B
- [Costume] Rapscallion Wetsuit C
- [Hairstyle] Diver's Curls A
- [Hairstyle] Diver's Curls B
- [Hairstyle] Diver's Curls C
- [Title] Serious Diver Boy

• Dohalim
- [Costume] Explosive Swim Briefs A
- [Costume] Explosive Swim Briefs B
- [Costume] Explosive Swim Briefs C
- [Hairstyle] Lively Headband A
- [Hairstyle] Lively Headband B
- [Hairstyle] Lively Headband C
- [Title] Seagazer

Beach Time BGM (Sunny Hut)
*This BGM is the same as the one included in the Beach Time Triple Pack (Female).

• +300 SP
System expansion item that grants +300 SP to your entire party once you claim it from the in-game Unclaimed DLC List.

*This content will be available in-game after claiming it from the in-game Unclaimed DLC List.
*Titles are assigned to characters when they receive their corresponding costume. Titles allow you to learn special artes from the Skill Panel.
*You can listen to battle tracks and configure which ones you want to use in Settings.

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