Premium Costume Pack (English/Japanese Ver.)

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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* This content requires the full version, which is sold separately. If the latest patch is required, please update it before use.

* There is also a set product that includes this content. Please be careful not to make duplicate purchases.

A collection of costumes that lets the player switch up fashion styles from the regular Tales of Arise looks.

Content includes:
• Alphen
- [Costume] SW-EQ01M
- [Hairstyle] SW-INSIGHT
- [Costume] New World Trailblazer
- [Hairstyle] New World Ponytail
- [Weapon] Protoblade Alma

• Shionne
- [Costume] SW-EQ02F
- [Hairstyle] SW-IVY
- [Costume] World Unifier
- [Hairstyle] World Unifier Ponytail
- [Weapon] Protoarm Aegis

• Rinwell
- [Costume] Ceremonial Owl Garb
- [Hairstyle] Ceremonial Owl Cap
- [Weapon] Book of Owl Wisdom

• Law
- [Costume] Ceremonial Wolf Garb
- [Hairstyle] Ceremonial Wolf Hood
- [Weapon] Ceremonial Wolf Blades

• Kisara
- [Costume] Pre-Guard Getup
- [Hairstyle] Bygone Ponytail
- [Weapon] Old Guard Shield

• Dohalim
- [Costume] Chic Vagabond
- [Hairstyle] Stealthy Turban
- [Weapon] Kingly Staff

• Attachment
-Ceremonial Wolf Tail
-Alphen Buddy
-Shionne Buddy
-Rinwell Buddy
-Law Buddy
-Kisara Buddy
-Dohalim Buddy

PS4, PS5
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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