Tales of Arise - Elegant Costume Pack (English/Japanese Ver.)

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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The Elegant Costume Pack contains costumes and attachments for Alphen and Shionne, exclusive cooking recipes, and food items.

Content includes:

- Special costume and hairstyle for Alphen and Shionne

- 4 Exclusive Cooking Recipes
Mabo Curry Bun Recipe
Fisherman's Hot Pot Recipe
Eastern Rice Recipe
Fruit Sandwich Recipe

- 12 Food Items
Wheat x1
Pork x1
Tofu x1
Pepper x1
Salmon x1
Mackerel x1
Mushroom x1
Rice x1
Egg x1
Strawberry x1
Lemon x1
Milk x1

*Content will be available in-game after claiming it from the Unclaimed DLC List when the expansion releases.
*The Cooking Recipes included are identical to those in the Pre-Order Bonus Pack currently being sold. Duplicate recipes will not be provided.

PS4, PS5
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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