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Disney•Pixar Brave full game (English Ver.)

Disney Interactive Studios
Full Game Released 19.02.2013
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Disney•Pixar Brave: The Video Game is an action, adventure game that takes place across the rugged landscape of mythic Scotland. Your role is that of Merida, a young fiery princess who happens to be the best archer in the kingdom. As Merida, you have access to the powers of ancient charms which infuse her sword and bow. There are four charms Merida can acquire as the story progresses to infuse her bow and sword - fire, ice, wind and earth. These charms modify the style of magical energy that come from her weapons and these different types of energies are used to gain advantages on certain enemies as well as interact with items in the world. You will run, jump and shoot your way through both castle and countryside to bring about the end of a magical blight that has befallen the land. Combat enemies, solve challenging puzzles and obstacles in order to bring peace and unity back to Scotland.

Content file size: 3070MB

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