Yakuza: Like a Dragon Stat Boost Set

Gambling, Language, Violence
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play optional
  • 1 player
Gambling, Language, Violence

The Yakuza: Like a Dragon Stat Boost Set includes six consumable stat boost packs.

The Personality Enhancement Pack provides books that enhance Ichiban's personality:
Between Thrill and Passion x3 (Passion)
Think and Grow Confident x3 (Confidence)
The Poor Zoo x3 (Kindness)
You, Unleashed x3 (Charisma)
Special Theory of Relative Brutality x3 (Intellect)
Street Dandy x3 (Style)

The Main Job Assistance Pack raises the job ranks for each character's main job:
Versatility Manual x1 (Freelancer)
Bravery Manual x1 (Hero)
Wanderer Manual x1 (Homeless Guy)
Justice Manual x1 (Detective)
Assassin Manual x1 (Hitman)
Underworld Manual x1 (Gangster)
Food Service Manual x1 (Barmaid)
Bureaucracy Manual x1 (Clerk)

The Job Change Assistance Pack 1 raises the job ranks for male jobs:
Intimidation Manual x1 (Bodyguard)
Smooth-Talk Manual x1 (Host)
Demo Manual x1 (Foreman)
Guitar Manual x1 (Musician)
Dancing Manual x1 (Dancer)
Suppression Manual x1 (Enforcer)
Divination Manual x1 (Fortuneteller)
Darkness Manual x1 (Devil Rocker)
Cooking Manual x1 (Chef)

The Job Change Assistance Pack 2 raises the job ranks for female jobs:
Smile Manual x1 (Idol)
Gambler Manual x1 (Dealer)
Sweet-Talker Manual x1 (Hostess)
Dominance Manual x1 (Night Queen)
Gallantry Manual x1 (Matriarch)

The Level up Pack includes 5 Level Boosters.

The Battle Assistance Pack includes:
Premium First Aid Kit x1
Restorative Bolus x3
Revival Bolus x3
Resurrection Bolus x1

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