RTK14: Scenario [The Lu Bu Campaign] & Event Set

Koei Tecmo Europe Ltd
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Adds a scenario and events.

The Lu Bu Campaign

In Zhongyuan, Lu Bu and Yuan Shu had joined forces, expecting an attack from the Cao Cao - Liu Bei army. Meanwhile, Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan were about to clash at Hebei, while Sun Ce was building strength in Jiangdong.

The Fall of Lu Bu, Chen Deng's Plot, Flood Attack on Xiapi, Battle of Yijing, The Sun Sets for the Emperor Impostor

With Liu Bei taking in Lu Bu after he lost to Cao Cao, Cao Cao and Liu Bei allying to oust Yuan Shu and Lu Bu, the battle at Hebei between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan, the fall of the fake emperor Yuan Shu, and more, the tales of the heroes are vividly depicted.

Note: Events also occur in other scenarios.
Note: This product is included in the ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV Season Pass. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.

Koei Tecmo Europe Ltd
Strategy, Simulation, Simulator
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