MLB® The Show™ 19 All-Star Edition

MLB® The Show™ 19 All-Star Edition

Sony Interactive Entertainment


MLB® The Show™ 19 Digital Deluxe Edition

    MLB® The Show™ 19 All-Star Edition

      MLB® The Show™ 19

        All-Star Edition includes:
        • Full game
        • 11,000 Stubs
        • 10 Standard Packs
        • Two Prestige Gear Up Choice Packs
        • A choice of five Diamond Flashbacks
        • Your choice of two Classic Stadiums for use in Diamond Dynasty

        Take part in the ultimate baseball duel: the battle between hitter and pitcher.
        Get in a quick game, explore a full RPG-style experience or take on the world in online competition – playing as MLB legends past and present.
        Discover the best of baseball. Welcome to The Show™.

        To access your All-Star Edition bonus items, visit The Show Shop then open the Purchase/Redeem screen via the Quick Nav (touchpad button on your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller).

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