Planet Coaster: Adventure Pack

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Journey into a breathtaking jungle experience with the Planet Coaster - Adventure Pack! Populate your park with snapping crocodiles and scary mummies, create gleaming pyramids and wondrous temples, and lure guests into ancient traps.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Thrilling New Rides

Gold Fever is a mine cart coaster hurtling guests over and through a curious temple.

Island Adventure is a high-capacity boat ride designed for large bodies of water.

Land Ahoy is Island Adventure’s little sister, travelling down its own narrower waterways and with the added benefit of not requiring a body of water to be built on.

Adventurous New Scenery

Build an unforgettable jungle-themed escapade with over 40 brand new scenery items, and use piece-by-piece construction to customise them even further.

Introduce moving contraptions such as spiked floors and giant boulders to make perilous gauntlets, and bring your water rides to life with paddling hippos and snapping crocs.

Brand New Blueprints

Select from a massive assortment of new blueprints to lay down pre-made items instantly. From glorious golden statues to lava waterfalls, you can mix and match with everything in the base game to build the epic coaster park of your dreams.

Renee Feu

A new face joins the entertainer crew in Renee Feu. With her dashing smile, aviation gear, and confetti gun locked and loaded, she’s truly the queen of this jungle. Welcome, Renee!

PS4, PS5
Simulation, Strategy
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