Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition (PS4 & PS5)

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  • PS Plus required for online play
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This product entitles you to download both the digital PS4™ version and the digital PS5® version of this game.

The complete edition of "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" with all three paid DLCs!

Worldwide praise of the dark Three Kingdoms action RPG "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" has resulted in the creation of a complete edition of the game, including all three DLCs with a wide variety of additional content, from new weapons, to new scenarios and characters, to new Divine Beasts.

About the game:
184 AD, Later Han Dynasty China. The land is overcome by chaos and destruction. The imperial dynasty that prospered for many years is on the verge of collapse.
"Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" is the dramatic, action-packed story of a nameless militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy version of the Later Han Dynasty where demons plague the Three Kingdoms. Players fight off deadly demons and superhuman enemy warriors using swordplay based on Chinese martial arts, attempting to overcome the odds by awakening the true power within.
From the depths of darkness, a dragon soars.

The Complete Edition includes:
- The base game "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty"
- DLC 1, "Battle of Zhongyuan"
After the collapse of the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition, Cao Cao's forces strive to expand their influence throughout the Zhongyuan region.
- DLC 2, "Conqueror of Jiangdong"
The warriors of the Sun clan fight to overcome the struggles they face following the death of Sun Jian.
- DLC 3, "Upheaval in Jingxiang"
Liu Bei's forces fight back against the threat of Elixir that has gripped Jing Province since the death of Yu Ji.
- In addition to the three in-game bonus items "Qinglong Armor Set," "Zhuque Armor Set," and "Baihu Armor Set" that were distributed upon purchase of the base game, the Complete Edition will include a purchase bonus in the form of a small icon of "The Records of the Grand Historian," which will indicate the locations of Marking Flags on the minimap.

- Except for "The Records of the Grand Historian," all content is the same as in past and current releases. Please be careful not to make duplicate purchases.

- You must have an internet connection in order to access various content.
- In order to access the online multiplayer feature, you must be subscribed to the PlayStation®Plus service (paid subscription).
- Please see the official site for details

PS4, PS5
Koei Tecmo Europe Ltd
Action, Role Playing Games, Unique
Chinese, English, Japanese
Screen Languages:
English, French (France), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish
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