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Gambling, Language, Violence
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Gambling, Language, Violence


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Average rating 5 stars out of 5 stars from 2 ratings
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Take your investigations in Lost Judgment to new heights with the Season Pass which includes:

- Detective Essentials Pack
A variety of new additions to enhance Yagami's daily life including “Additional Girlfriends", the "Extract Recipe and Sample Set" that can be created and used to advance in battle, and additional titles for the Sega Master System, available to play in the office. This bundle further expands Yagami’s lifestyle, combat and detective accoutrements.

The Detective Essentials Pack contains:
The following additional girlfriends:
•Tsukino Satome, a familiar graphic designer
•Minato Todo, the girl inside the mascot
•Kyoko Hakase, the school nurse

A set of the following six extract recipes and a sample of each extract for single use:
•Extract Recipe: Lightning Blade
•Extract Recipe: Telekinesis
•Extract Recipe: Insta-Flux
•Extra Recipe: Unyielding Wave
•Extract Recipe: Guardian Spirit
•Extract Recipe: Temporal Zen

The following three distinct types of fur varieties for the detective dog:

The following four additional Sega Master System titles
•Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa
•Global Defense
•SAGAIA / Darius II
•Alien Syndrome

Additional skateboarding pursuits, including:
•Skateboard "Hover Drive"
•Skateboard park "Open Air"

An additional skin for the drone racing minigame:
•Drone frame "Sky Spider"

A challenging super boss for the Gauntlet
•Super Shin Amon

*The "Extracts" cannot be created until you complete the specific episode that occurs in Chapter 3 of the main story.
*The "detective dog" coat color change function cannot be used until you clear the specific episode that occurs in Chapter 4 of the main story.
*Note that if you want to change your fur color, you need to access the detective dog at the entrance of the Yokohama 99 Section.
*The Gauntlet mission "Super Shin Amon" can be selected by completing all of the Gauntlet missions.
*"The "Detective Essentials Pack" DLC can be received by accessing the delivery box at the Yagami Detective Agency in Kamurocho or the Yokohama Tsukumo Section in Isezaki Ijincho.

- School Stories Expansion Pack
This pack includes activities to deepen your interactions with the school’s clubs. Fight Yagami’s associates in the Boxing Ring as unique sparring partners, burn rubber with a new Bike Gang motorcycle and parts on a new course, strut a fresh costume and moves on the Dance Team, and a tinker with a new robot to reign supreme over the Robotics Club.

Additionally, Yagami takes boxing from the ring to the streets as a new fighting style that joins his default martial arts styles.

- The School Stories Expansion Pack contains:
Dance Club additions:
•Additional Special Moves
•New Outfit

An additional robot for the robot war minigame:
•Additional Robot: [MB5000/SUPREMACY]

The following items expand the game of School Stories "Bikers":
•The body of the motorcycle [MAXINATOR]
•Additional Course [Urban]

Adds the following sparring partners to the Boxing Gym:

A new fighting style for Yagami:
•Boxing Battle Style

*As you progress through the School Stories storyline, you will be able to use the School Stories content.
*The boxing battle style can be set to not be used from the OPTIONS menu.
*"The "School Stories Expansion Pack" DLC can be received by accessing the delivery boxes at the Yagami Detective Agency in Kamurocho or the Yokohama Tsukumo Section in Isezaki Ijincho.

- The Kaito Files Story Expansion
Releasing March 28th.

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