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Killzone®3 Multiplayer – Unlock Key

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
PSN Game Released 29 Feb 2012
673 Ratings


On 29 March 29 2018, the online servers for Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 will be decommissioned. Please note that this only affects Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 online play; single player content will still be accessible.

If you’ve yet to experience the blistering battles of Killzone®3 online, then this could be just the thing for you.

Killzone®3 Multiplayer is the complete online multiplayer mode from the gripping first person shooter set on planet Helghan. It allows you immediate access to the Killzone®3 online universe and includes every Killzone®3 map, including those released as game add-on packs on PlayStation®Store.

Before entering the battlefield, choose from five different character classes – Infiltrator, Tactician, Field Medic, Engineer and Marksman – each of which can be upgraded with new items and abilities as you play. There are three distinct game modes to choose from – the narrative-driven Operations Mode, the ever-changing Warzone and the frantic fight to the death of Guerrilla Warfare.

Try out this trial version and if you enjoy it, upgrade to the full Killzone®3 Multiplayer to benefit from double experience points (XP) for the first 24 hours (real time) and an additional three unlock points to spend on upgrading your characters.

And after purchasing Killzone®3 Multiplayer, you can also earn all of the online trophies from the original Killzone®3, plus some extras created specifically for owners of this multiplayer version.

Ready to begin? Then pick your character class and head into battle!

This game is playable in 2D or 3D. To enjoy stereoscopic 3D features, you will require a 3D TV that supports 3D stereoscopic display and 3D compatible glasses.

Download this full game upgrade if you have already downloaded the trial version.

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Killzone®3 ©2011 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by Guerrilla. 'Killzone' is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All rights reserved.