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  • Violence
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Operation: Fallen Star Pack

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
411 Ratings


Download this Operation: Fallen Star pack for Warhawk™ to wage war on the Tau Crater battlefield and strap on the new Icarus MK.1 rocket pack to take to the skies and rain down death from above.

Tau Crater is the crash site of a pioneering Chernovan warship. The location has become the focal point of an extensive salvage operation, as Chernovan forces rapidly try to reclaim key technology before Eucadian salvage crews can steal it for themselves.

The introduction of the Icarus MK.1 rocket pack allows infantry to access hard to reach places, hastily escape through the skies or launch attacks or sniper fire from mid-air positions! Press and hold the R2 button to soar upwards, and release the R2 button to descend. Press and hold the L2 button to lock in your current altitude. To dodge locked-on enemy rockets and missiles, simply boost in any direction to break the missile lock.


NOTE: information correct at time of publication.

Full Game Support:
2-4 Players; 486KB minimum save size; HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i; Network Features; Network Players 2-32

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