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Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
PSN Game
1917 Ratings


In .detuned™ you have the power to influence a wonderful piece of digital artwork through music and your curious mind.

Playful creatures await your visit to their fascinating world. They want you to have fun with their friend; a lone ‘human’ who sits hypnotised in a chair. But all is not as it seems. As the music starts to play, strange things will happen – but just how strange is up to you.

As you delight in your surroundings, take control of your character. Watch him come alive as he dances to the music – you can select the default track or any song from your own playlists. Now blow up your character’s head and look on as it turns into a balloon, a ghost, a mushroom or even an elephant!

Not strange enough? Try changing the colour of the background or turn this abstract scene into a pop art vision. .detuned™ is not a game as such, it’s a musical experience, so there are no rules to follow: just let your inquisitive mind take the lead and watch this amazing and surreal world come to life.

Mesmerised by .detuned™ and want to find out more? Visit eu.playstation.com today.

Compatibility Notices: 1 Player; 2MB minimum space required; SIXAXIS™ Motion Sensitive; HDTV screen resolution: 720p

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.detuned ©2009 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe [INSERT OUR ADDRESS IF THIS IS GOING ON THE PACKAGING]. Developed by .theprodukkt. “.detuned” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All rights reserved.