WarframeⓇ: Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack

WarframeⓇ: Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack

Digital Extremes
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 1 - 8 players
  • 8 network players
  • PS4 Pro enhanced
  • Remote Play supported
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration
PEGI 18+


Warframe (PS5)




      For a limited time, begin your journey to the Heart of Deimos with a bang! Get instant access to exclusive Customizations today.

      Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack features:

      - 1200 Platinum
      - Thelyphon Whip Skin: Equally as elegant as it is ferocious, this mace-tipped whip skin is sure to leave an impression.
      - Zobov Shotgun Skin: The favored weapon of the Entrati, this Skin bestows your Shotgun with an otherworldly luster.
      - Capstan Pistol Skin: The hammer falls, the cylinder turns, and the cycle begins once again. Flawless machinery moving in sequence.
      - Khrusos Syandana: Resembling a butterfly's wings emerging from their chrysalis, this Syandana seems infused with mystical power.
      - Paradiso Armor Plates: Seemingly infused with mystical power, the chosen Armor of graceful warriors.
      - Capstan In Action Glyph
      - Domestik Carrion Drone
      - Festering Ephemera

      Digital Extremes
      Action, Shooter, Unique
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