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  • Puzzle
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BUBBLE TRUBBLE full game (English Ver.)

Creat Studios, Inc.
minis Released 24.11.2009
124 Ratings


Match colors, inflate and POP! Bubble Trubble presents a dynamic new twist to falling puzzle games. Rotate and drop clusters of colored bubbles, as matching colors fuse together and grow until they burst. Be sure to combine those matched bubbles together before running out of room - to avoid any Trubble, you’ve gotta burst your Bubble!

Three zany cartoon animal guides react to players performances as they present each level and its unique environment’s challenge. Watch out for the Power Bubbles that may enhance or impede your performance!

Two modes of game-play provide endless excitement:
- Survival Mode allows players achieve the highest score by matching and popping the increasingly faster onslaught of colored bubble clusters.
- Challenge Mode presents specific set tasks for players to enhance their skills.

This content is compatible with PlayStation®3 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).

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