Fierce self-assertion panel Vol.2 (Chinese Ver.)

Fierce self-assertion panel Vol.2 (Chinese Ver.)

Nihon Falcom Corporation
  • 1 player
  • PS4 Pro enhanced
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration

Attachable items that display message panels above playable character's heads. Choose from the 10 types available to fit your mood.

Yes, I am a sacrifice. ×10
I'll call the principal! ×10
Marry me, Claire! ×10
Let's go! Empire Marathon! ×10
Carrying out a forced inspection ×10
Cuteness is justice! ×10
Tee hee! Nyah hah! ×10
Broadcasting throughout Zemuria♪ ×10
I'm the Grandmaster! ×10
Prepare yourself, man! ×10

*Open [DLC] under [Item] page in the CAMP menu and select new items to receive it. Once received, go to [COSTUMES] in the CAMP menu to change costume.

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This program or data to be applied to existing program is only compatible with Asia version (official product) which is distributed by SIE or other official distributors. Compatibility with program or data from other region is not guaranteed.

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