Firewall Ultra – Shadow Coin (1,000) (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

Sony Interactive Entertainment
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  • PS Plus required for online play
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • Supports up to 8 online players with PS Plus
  • PS5 Version
    PlayStation VR2 required
  • PS VR2 Sense controllers required
  • PS VR2 Sense controller vibration required
  • PS VR2 Sense controller trigger effect required


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Gain 1000 Shadow Coin for Firewall Ultra, a virtual currency that can be used for some in-game purchases. Once acquired, Shadow Coin can be redeemed upon booting the game. Your updated Shadow Coin balance will be visible both at the top of the main menu and in the Black Road.

Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation VR2 isn’t for use by children under the age of 12.

PlayStation VR2 is required to play the PS5 version of this game.

VR games may cause some players to experience motion sickness.

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