All-In-One Pack (Add-On)

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  • In-game purchases optional
  • 1 - 2 players
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS4 Version
    DUALSHOCK 4 vibration


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A great deal-set including all the additional contents that are released.

- Available Items that can enjoy play spots easily!: Play Spot Enjoy Pack (Drone Frame (DEKODORO, DORONYAN, KAIDO OTESEI MAJIDORI, UFO), Play Pass 10-piece-set)
- Available Items to enjoy gameplay richly such as office interior and pet and camera application!: Detective Life Enjoy Pack (1/8 Scale Ono Michio, 1/8 Scale Bram Shiruvania III, 1/8 Scale Sawamura Haruka KONNANJYANI Ver., 1/8 Scale Sawamura Haruka Dream-Line Ver., King Koronyan, Rental Cat Pack A/B/C/D/E, Additional Camera Filter (18 type))
- Available additional costumes for female characters! : Present Costume Pack (Saori Shirosaki's new costume, Sana Mihama "Rider Style", Tsukino Saotome "Milady Style", Amane "Wafuku Style", Nanami Matsuoka "Jacket Style")
- I want to enjoy stories but I am not good at action games ...... Even such a person can easily proceed with a battle if you use portions below!: Ultimate Senyaku Pack (KIWAMI TOKIDAN no Senyaku, KIWAMI TOKIBAKU no Senyaku, KIWAMI SHUNGIKO no Senyaku, KIWAMI ENZOKUGEKI no Senyaku, KIWAMI RAIZOKUGEKI no Senyaku, KIWAMI TENGOKUJIN no Senyaku, KYOKUBU TOKI no Senyaku, KYOKUBU KATSURYOKU no Senyaku, KYOKUBO SHINPI no Senyaku, RANSENBUTOGEKI no Senyaku x 10, TAKEMIKADUCHI no Senyaku x 10, FUSHIFUTAITEN no Senyaku x 10, SEIATSURENDA no Senyaku x 10 BUSENSOUSOKU no Senyaku x 10)

* Items available through various campaigns are not included.
* Each content is only available in JUDGE EYES: wills of death Remastered package ver.
* About the Play Pass, RANSENBUTOGEKI no Senyaku, TAKEMIKADUCHI no Senyaku, FUSHIFUTAITEN no Senyaku, SEIATSURENDA no Senyaku and BUSENSOUSOKU no Senyaku, please be sure to access the delivery box in the condition that the belongings are available. If it exceeds the item possession limit, you can not receive it and it disappears.
*Beware of duplicate purchases.

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