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SHINOBIDO 2 : Revenge of Zen full game (Japanese Ver.)

Spike Co.,Ltd.
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Disappear into darkness and dispatch your enemies without a sound...

Introducing the long-awaited next installment in the Shinobido series, which offers unparalleled "stealth action," allowing players to slip from shadow to shadow with consummate, deadly skill before disappearing into the sky on a grappling hook.

The small province of Utakata has been transformed into a battleground divided amongst three forces; players take on missions from each, controlling the course of the war from the shadows.
Controlled by the "Harakiri engine," the game can develop in any number of directions as the main character, Zen, assassinates key figures, steals soldiers' provisions and engages in other actions to influence this three-way conflict.

Just like in earlier installments of the series, players have ample opportunity to fashion improvised equipment and weapons from a variety of materials,
and what is more, by making use of the "near" function, players can interact with other players and use a "communication pot" to accept and store a larger number of improvised weapons and equipment.

This content supports the game goods collection feature of "near". For details on the use of the feature, please refer to the User's Guide from the LiveArea™ of "near".

This content is only compatible with PlayStation®Vita.

Content file size: 1057MB

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