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  • Action
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Super Robot Wars OG INFINITE BATTLE full game (Japanese Ver.)

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Full Game
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This is the game where the original protagonist armour of the "Super Robot Wars" with the history of more than 20 years will show its appearance, thus this is an action game in which the famous robots of the "Super Robot Wars OG" series can battle with each other.
Enjoy the robotic combats with various battle styles and controls, as well as the ultimate special moves.
This title contains simple controls which allow the players to easily activate the techniques, therefore even action game beginners can enjoy the high speed battles.
This game is also consisted of 3 modes which allow the combat of 1 player versus CPU, and the battle mode of connecting to national domestic players via network connections.
The robot customizations with reconstructed and ehanced parts that will be familiar to the series faithful fans are avaliable as well.

Content file size: 1405MB


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