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  • Role-Playing Games (RPG)
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Ray Gigant (Japanese Ver.)

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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Follow your destiny, fight your destiny or assemble your destiny. This is the new story dungeon RPG created by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Experience! The story is about 3 protagonists who have obtained the mysterious power of "Yorigami(ヨリガミ)" in order to fight against great monsters —"Gigants(ギガント)". Each story will get revealed as the chapters unravel. The game will include a dynamic battle system which is never before seen for a dungeon RPG, and other features for fighting against giant enemies! So enjoy the highly tactical combats with your instincts with the 3 commands battle system. Deep character developing elements: A dungeon RPG containing various gameplay features such as character development, dungeon search and item collection!

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