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DUNGEON TRAVELERS2 The Royal Library and the Seal of Mamono full game (Japanese Ver.)

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This is the 3D dungeon RPG game for PlayStation®Vita in which the player has to go through the dungeon anticipated with cute girls and dangerous traps!
Seal always the “Mamono” female type of monsters hidden in the dungeon with 16 heroines full of personalities!
Mamono are those who once brought chaos into the world yet now subdued by the magic seal of “Libra”.
After the passage of time during the year of 499 of the royal calendar, the Mamono again threatens the capital state of Actim (アクティム) in the country of Romulea (ロムレア) where human and beasts now live in harmony.
A new adventure awaits Freed Ainheart (フリード・アインハルト) who is the Libra newcomer of the royal library.

This content is only compatible with PlayStation®Vita.

Content file size: 1985MB

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