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Everybody’s Golf 5 New Costume Set Vol. 3 (Japanese Ver.)

Worldwide Studios
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※ In order to use this additional content, it is necessary to purchase the “Everybody’s Golf 5” game disc that is sold separately first. You will also need to install the game data of “Everybody’s Golf 5” and update your game to the most recent online update to use this content.
※ This program or data to be applied to existing program is only compatible with Asia version game soft (official product) which is distributed by SCEI or other official distributors. Compatibility with program or data from other region is not guaranteed.
※You can select add-on costumes for your playable characters in Challenge Mode.

Content Description
With this add-on, you will be able to use New Costume Set Vol. 3 during gameplay in "Everybody's Golf 5". This set includes new costumes for each of "Suzuki", "Kid", "Sonia", "Tiana" and "Dino" for use in both offline and online modes.

Required HDD space: 100KB
Supported Accessories: Wireless Controller
Online Function: Ranking and Matching
Video output: NTSC, 480p, 720p
Audio outout: Linear PCM 2ch, Linear PCM 5.1ch, Linear PCM 7.1ch, Dolby® Digital 5.1ch
Copyright notices:
© 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Purchased content or services are not refundable or transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.