Generation Zero® - Tactical Equipment Pack 2 (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Fatalist Technologies AB
Average rating 4.77 stars out of 5 stars from 26 ratings
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Average rating 4.77 stars out of 5 stars from 26 ratings
26 ratings
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The Resistance is getting more and more creative with their crafting skills! Using scavenged parts and tech found across Östertörn, the Resistance have crafted a new batch of field equipment to help them in the fight against the machines!

The second Tactical Equipment Pack contains 5 new equipment items for players to use:

• Toy Car Lure - A modified RC car with flares and a radio strapped to it. Once placed on the ground, this car will drive away at top speed, flares burning and radio at max volume. This lure is great for drawing enemies away from you in a sticky situation.
• Sensory Jammer - The sensory jammer creates a specially tuned EM field when it is activated. This field interferes with the senses of machines, rendering players within it undetectable.
• Hacking Dart - A lawn dart modified with a magnet and hacking device. The dart can be thrown quite far and accurately, allowing you to hit enemies from relative safety. Once attached to a machine, the device disrupts the friend-or-foe identification system, causing it to attack other machines. The effect lasts until the device's battery runs out.
• Remote-Controlled Tick - This modified Tick has had its navigation system overridden, allowing it to be controlled via an RC car transmitter. For good measure, a homemade pipe-bomb has also been attached to it. This allows you to directly control the Tick, sending it into the midst of unsuspecting machines to scout them out and blow them up!
• Portable Homing Turret - This portable turret is a potent weapon against ground and airborne targets alike. It fires compact, rocket-propelled grenades in salvos of 3. The grenades are self-guided and lock on to nearby targets. No machine is safe when one of these turrets are active.

Fatalist Technologies AB
Action, Adventure
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