Generation Zero® - Tactical Equipment Pack (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Fatalist Technologies AB
Average rating 4.57 stars out of 5 stars from 35 ratings
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  • PS4 Version
    DUALSHOCK 4 vibration


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Average rating 4.57 stars out of 5 stars from 35 ratings
35 ratings
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The Resistance fighters have gotten craftier with their combat techniques, trying out both established and improvised equipment for battle purposes. This particular batch brings both explosive and defensive elements to the battle and can be crafted using materials collected across Östertörn. Additionally, a small amount has been put into your PLUNDRA storage box for experimentation purposes. So head out there and wreak some havoc!

• Molotov Cocktail - A classic in warfare, this improvised incendiary weapon packs an explosive punch on impact
• Remote-Controlled Explosive - Sticky explosive that can be detonated using a remote radio-link trigger
• Portable Machine Gun Turret - A small sentry turret equipped with a machine gun that once deployed, automatically fires at nearby enemies
• Portable Cover - This bullet-resistant but destructible cover allows you to find shelter even in the most open of places, shielding you against oncoming bullets
• Explosive Toy Lure - This cute toy dog attracts unsuspecting machines with loud sounds, and then explodes

Fatalist Technologies AB
Action, Adventure
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