Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Master Vacation Bundle PS4 & PS5

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  • Online play optional
  • 1 - 2 players
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)


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Average rating 1.8 stars out of 5 stars from 5 ratings
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Add-on for those who have finished Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Please double check all descriptions before purchasing.

(The full version of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, sold separately, is required. Please update to the latest version before use, if necessary.)

Use your Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth clear data to play New Game+ in one of three difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, and Legend).

Experience the all-new story of the Big Swell and enjoy special outfits and items available only in this bundle.

- New Game+ (Normal, Hard, Legend)
Enjoy the game all over again, carrying over the progress you've made. Please note that some elements, such as substories and bonding events between teammates, will begin anew.

- Bonus Dungeon
Discover the Big Swell of Hawaii in a new episode featuring Kasuga, Kiryu, and the rest of the party. This playable content can be enjoyed after completing the game's main story.

- New Trophies
Acquire challenging new trophies exclusive to the Master Vacation Bundle.

- Special Outfits Set
Hero outfit available for Kasuga.
Tomizawa outfit available for Nanba.
Zhao outfit available for Adachi.
Joongi (Yakuza 6) outfit available for Joongi.
Joongi outfit available for Zhao.
Hero outfit available for Kiryu.
Nanba outfit available for Tomizawa.
Seonhee outfit available for Chitose.
AWAKE outfit available for Saeko.
Chitose outfit available for Seonhee.

- Master Vacation Swimsuit Set
Gold swimsuits available for Kasuga, Nanba, Adachi, Tomizawa, Saeko, Joongi, Zhao, Seonhee, Chitose, and Kiryu.

- Dondoko Island Invites Set: Hero's Party
Invite Nanba, Adachi, Tomizawa, Saeko, Joongi, Zhao, Seonhee, Chitose, and Kiryu to visit your resort on Dondoko Island.

- Sujimon Recruit Set: Hero's Party
Recruit Nanba, Adachi, Tomizawa, Saeko, Joongi, Zhao, Seonhee, Chitose, and Kiryu to your Sujimon team.

- Master Vacation Special Items Set
Premium First Aid Kit (Single-Use Special) x 3
Restorative Bolus (Single-Use Special) x 5
Revival Bolus (Single-Use Special) x 5
Resurrection Bolus (Single-Use Special) x 3

- Master Vacation Special CD Set
Summertime Groove
Baka Darou
If I Could Love the One I Love (Joongi)
If I Could Love the One I Love (Zhao)
Honolulu City Lights
Judgement -Shinpan- (Kasuga)
Like a Butterfly

* Please note that these CDs will not count toward the total number of CDs collected for Personality Challenges and other in-game goals.
* This content does not increase the number of playable songs in the karaoke minigame.
*Guests obtained from this pack will not count towards certain achievements.
*Sujimon obtained from this pack may not be assigned to facilities on Dondoko Island. Additionally, they cannot be used with Kasuga's Sujimancer job.

PS4, PS5
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