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  • Mild violence
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Escape Plan™

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
6203 Ratings



Deep in the belly of fiendish mastermind Bakuki's sinister gloop factory, something is stirring.

Trapped in a tiny room with nothing but the hissing of pipes for company, our heroes Lil and Laarg can do nothing but sit and wait for the inevitable – to be fed into Bakuki's evil glooping machines and turned into new recruits for his army of minions.

If only they had an escape plan. Maybe you could help?

Now you can give Lil and Laarg a helping hand to find their way out of Bakuki's lair in this darkly humorous survival puzzle game for PS Vita.

Using the intuitive touchscreen and rear touch pad controls of the PS Vita system, you'll need to exercise all of your powers of logic, discovery and quick thinking if you want to help Lil and Laarg avoid getting splattered, battered and squished by all the traps and pitfalls hidden around the gloop factory.

By switching between the two characters, you can use their unique abilities to work together and find different routes to make their escape and defeat Bakuki and his minions once and for all.

• Purchase the PS Vita version of this game from PlayStation®Store and you’ll be able to download Escape Plan™ for PS4™ at no additional cost.
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Make your escape to eu.playstation.com to find out more about Escape Plan™ and the exciting world of PlayStation®Vita. You can read this title's instruction manual via its LiveArea™ – just select the question mark icon.

Gameplay requires PS Vita memory card (sold separately).

1 Player
Touchscreen/rear touch pad
Motion sensor
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