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576.33 MB

Malicious™ Rebirth

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Game Released 9 Oct 2013
445 Ratings


Compatible with PlayStation®Vita only.

Inhabit the mysterious Spirit Vessel and get ready to brawl as stylish PlayStation®3 hit Malicious is reborn on PS Vita with brand new features. Enjoy short bursts of boss-battling action in a sumptuous fantasy world, and tackle “Rebirth”, an entire sequel episode complete with colossal new enemies.

• Enjoy the signature combat of Malicious – now on PS Vita, complete with an action-packed new chapter.
• Battle waves of brutal minions before facing the Power Holders – giant opponents who stand between you and Malicious, the evil force that brings disaster to the world.
• Perform combos and link special moves to form chains as you build the Spirit Vessel’s aura to unleash even more devastating attacks.
• Fight your way through each level to enhance the Spirit Vessel and receive the weapons and abilities required for the final showdown between good and evil.

Important Notices
• Gameplay requires a PlayStation®Vita memory card (sold separately).
• This product supports the following languages: On-screen text: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
• Visit eu.playstation.com to find out more about Malicious™ Rebirth.

Compatibility Notices
1 Player, 645MB Minimum Space Required, Touchscreen

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MALICIOUS™: REBIRTH ©2013 ALVION Inc. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by ALVION Inc. “MALICIOUS” is a trademark of ALVION Inc. All rights reserved.